Essex Cricket Finals

Last week, Bancroft's cricket teams made their mark at the Essex schools indoor cricket finals at the University of East London's Sports Dock. The U13 and U15 girls' teams showcased true skill across two intense days of competition.

The U13 girls kicked off the action on Monday.  After a strong start in the group stages, they faced tough competition in the finals, ultimately securing a commendable second place. Despite a 10-run loss in the final match, the team’s performance was a testament to their hard work and potential for future success.

On Wednesday, it was the U15 girls’ turn. Dominating their initial matches, including key victories against their rivals, they advanced with confidence. However, a challenging final against a disciplined team resulted in a second-place finish. This didn’t dampen spirits; the team proudly stood as the second-best U15 indoor team in Essex.

Both Bancroft’s teams played with heart, leaving everything on the pitch. While they didn’t take home first place, their performances were praiseworthy, reflecting both individual talent and collective effort. These achievements add to Bancroft’s rich sporting tradition and set the stage for future competitions.

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