Future Destinations – The Story So Far…

This year, 122 students from Bancroft's have received a total of 306 offers from Russell Group Universities.

This achievement highlights the truly diverse talents and academic strengths within our student body.

Wide Range of Courses

The offers span 179 different courses, reflecting the varied interests of our students. The most popular courses include:

  1. Medicine: 29 offers
  2. Economics: 28 offers
  3. Law: 26 offers
  4. History: 26 offers
  5. Geography: 21 offers
  6. Computer Science: 18 offers

We are thrilled that a student has earned a full scholarship to study Voice at the Royal Academy of Music.

Leading University Destinations

  • University College London (UCL): 21 offers
  • King’s College London: 18 offers
  • Imperial College London: 15 offers
  • Durham University: 15 offers
  • London School of Economics (LSE): 6 offers
  • University of Edinburgh: 6 offers

Oxbridge Opportunities

Several students have been offered places at the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge:

  • University of Cambridge: Natural Sciences, Modern and Medieval Languages, Computer Science, Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion
  • University of Oxford: Medicine

Top Five Universities by Number of Offers

  • University of Warwick: 45 offers
  • University of Bath: 29 offers
  • University of Nottingham: 27 offers
  • University of Birmingham: 26 offers
  • Loughborough University: 26 offers

The University of Nottingham has been notable for its diverse course offerings, with students receiving places on 23 different courses.

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