Game, Set & Match!

After a week of laser-focused writing on assessment scripts, forearms were well and truly primed for Saturday’s away tennis matches against Queenswood!

With the U12s, U13s, U14s, U15s and Seniors all in action, there was tennis as far as the eye could see across the row upon row of Queenswood courts.  Judging from the many calls of “mine”, “yours” and “leave it”, there was great communication on display plus winning volleys galore which always makes me smile.

The U12s and U14s came up against some strong club level players but every single Bancroft’s pair came away with at least one win from the three timed rounds. A 2-2 draw was earned by the Seniors, with Agnes, Olivia, Anna, Jasmine and Maya being brilliant role models for the younger teams with their “joie de vivre” intensifying whenever they come close to a tennis court!

The U13s were engaged in a tight battle all morning and emerged with a 5-4 win, and then the U15s, thanks to Ayushi, Dhiya, Lani, Sofiina, Nikki, Martha and Shona, brought home a convincing 7-2 win. It was an unbeaten morning for 4 of our pairs/trios: Elora and Liliana (U12s), Ayushi and Dhiya (U15s), Agnes, Maya and Olivia; and an extra special well done to Bethan and Zara who are now on a 9 match unbeaten streak across the Colfe’s, Haileybury and Queenswood fixtures!

A big thank you to Mr Raw, Mr Conington, Miss Clarke and Mr Meyers for managing their teams so brilliantly.

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