GCSE Joy For Fifth Form

Following last week’s A level results, there was further cause for celebration  as our Fifth Form (year 11) pupils received their GCSE results.  Trepidation gave way to smiles  as pupils saw that their hard work had paid off in an excellent set of results.  A huge number of pupils exceeded their expectations and we were delighted to see so many individual success stories.

Over half the exams (54.4%) taken were awarded an A* and 89% of all GCSE exams were graded at A* or A.  In total fifteen pupils achieved a magnificent clean sweep of 10 A*s, with 47, more than a third of the year group, achieving 7 or more A*s.

Head, Simon Marshall, said, “This is an excellent set of results from a year-group which has been perhaps a little slow to realise their academic potential. It was great to see so many of our pupils express real joy (and relief) with their achievements. I am sure that this is a year-group which will now grow in intellectual confidence on the back of these great results and approach their A Levels with real ambition.  This is the final year for this type of GCSE exam, and it is great to see our Fifth Form sign them off so well.”

There are so many pleasing individual success-stories – from those students who have worked exceptionally hard to achieve As and Bs to those who have managed to gain nine or more A*s.

Simon Marshall, Head


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