Goal-Filled Glory: Bancroft’s U12 Girls Hockey Highlights

Written by Jade (Thirds)

On Friday 8th December, the U12 girls competed in the Inter-house Hockey Competition. It was a very active day filled with sportsmanship, collaboration and perseverance.

All girls displayed ongoing characteristics of persistence whilst playing brilliant matches of hockey, and so everyone should be very proud of themselves!

They played 3 matches, all 15 minutes long and all teams sorted themselves out independently into 2 teams (A and B). All matches were extremely well-played and exciting to watch at times smoothly stealing the ball in competitive tackles; bashing the ball into the goal; and soon after celebrating with each other. The determination to win was like no other. So, let’s reveal the results.

North B vs East B 3-0 (North won)

School B vs West B 0-1 (West won)

East A vs West A 0-3 (West won)

School A vs North A 0-1 (North won)

School A vs East A 5-0 (School won)

West A vs North A 0-2 (North won)

School B vs East B 4-0 (School won)

North B vs West B 2-1 (North won)

School A vs West A 2-0 (School won)

North A vs East A 4-1 (North won)

West B vs East B 5-0 (West won)

School B vs North B 1-0 (School won)

After the end of all the thrilling matches, there could only be one winner. For the B’s, West came 1st , followed by School in 2nd place, North came behind them in 3rd with East finishing 4th (on goal difference).

For the A’s, the winners were North, 2nd , School, with West coming 3rd , leaving East in last place. Altogether, School came 1st, North 2nd, 3rd West and 4th East, however there was some confusion as to who should be first place as the points will need to be recounted so we will find out soon.

Well done to all teams involved!

Players of the Match:

Special recognition goes to Maisey, Henni, Susanna, Haadia, Lilliana, Nellie, Aliyah, Trishana, Amber, Ana, Inaaya, Amelia, Azra, Cordelia, Genevieve, Diya, Aaditri, Evie, Reshmi, Arissa, Mia, Sunai, Nina, and Megs for earning Players of the Match, with some receiving this honour more than once.

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