Going for Gold in the British Biology Olympiad

Last month, our Upper Sixth biologists took on the challenge of the British Biology Olympiad, a prestigious event held in association with the Royal Society of Biology.

With over 15,000 entrants from across the globe, the competition was nothing short of fierce. The questions stretched their knowledge, delving into topics both within and beyond the usual curriculum. Remarkably, only 60% of the participants were awarded a Commendation or higher, and a mere 15% managed to clinch gold or silver.

In an ambitious move, some of our Lower Sixth students also threw their hats into the ring, tackling papers designed for those in the year above. Their achievements are nothing less than extraordinary.

A special mention must go to Aryan from the Lower Sixth, who has impressively been selected to progress to the next stage of the competition. 

Looking ahead, another competition for the Lower Sixth is on the horizon later this year. This will be a new opportunity for our young biologists to showcase their passion and expertise in biology. We’re immensely proud of all our participants.


Upper 6th:

  • Silver: Hassan, Qing Coco, Zahra, Tomisin, Hannah
  • Bronze: Michael, Nitha, James, Kiera, Amelia
  • Highly Commended: Aaron, Joshua, Aman, Isabelle, Kaitlin, Jemimah, Alex, Giaan
  • Commended: Joanna, Yash, Keya

Lower 6th:

  • Gold:Aryan
  • Silver: Sia, Rudro
  • Highly Commended: Abisola
  • Commended: Maya

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