Hans Woyda Maths Competition

hansw2smallIn this year’s Hans Woyda Inter Schools Maths Competition, a Bancroft’s team of Visakan Balakumar, Luca Mariano, Omar Ali, Methusha Sakthipakan  did very well to reach the final of the plate section.  

Hans Woyda is a well respected and hotly contested Maths competition run in London. Sixty four  schools take part: a mixture of state and private schools. Each  team is made up of one pupil who is in year 7 to 9 (3rds – L4), one GCSE  pupil  (U4 or 5ths), one  year 12 (L6) and one year 13 (U6) and the competition is a mixture of individual, paired and group questions. Initially each school plays against their three local schools, in our case this is Forest, Chigwell and Ilford County High School. Forest won the group and went through to the official Hans Woyda competition knock-out rounds. The Bancroft’s team came second, so went into the plate knock-out rounds. In the knock-out stages, Bancroft’s beat City of London Boys and King Alfred School  and then met Highgate in the final which we narrowly lost.

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