Hans Woyda Maths Finalists

What is the exact value of sin 105? On Friday, it was the ticket to the Hans Woyda Maths Competition Final, a prestigious 64 team knock-out tournament for most of the top ranking maths schools in Greater London and the Home Counties. Initially, teams play in  groups of four local schools.  Following this, the winning team progresses to the knock-out stages. The Bancroft's team had already  done well to reach this stage, beating Forest, Chigwell and Ilford County High School to emerge as group champions and then winning knock-out matches versus St Paul's Girls and Haberdashers' Aske's Boys.  They faced Queen Elizabeth Barnet at home to reach the final.

However, the semi-final did not start well with QE taking early control and establishing an 18-12 lead by the end of the Geometry Round 2. Bancroft’s struck back in Mental Maths but the QE Year 13 captain, Cambridge bound naturally, delivered a sucker punch so that QE continued to lead by 3 points going into the Team Round and break. The Team Round was shared 5-5 with fully correct answers from both sides.

The Calculator Round passed, the Algebra Round passed with QE resisting the onslaught from the plucky Bancroft’s team but QE entered the final Race Round with their 3 point lead intact. Shivan Aggarwal then made a breakthrough, reducing arrears to a single point. the game then swung to and fro, punch and counter punch traded but, as we entered the final two point question, captain versus captain, Bancroft’s trailed by one point.

And so to the question. What is the exact value of sin 105? Alex Yan, Bancroft’s captain and team veteran, scribbled furiously. His hand rose. His answer was correct and Bancroft’s emerged into the full glare of Hans Woyda victory by 42 points to 41.

Therefore, congratulations must go to the team, Alex Yan, Jathusan Vijayakumar, Shivan Aggarwal and Akash Siva for both their Herculean efforts and also for their hospitality and generosity of spirit to the opposing team. Handshakes all round and bring on the final.  Although Bancroft’s can be relied on to reach the upper rounds of the competition, and has done well in the Hans Woyda Plate Competition, we believe this is the first time we have reached the final of the main Hans Woyda Competition.  We wish them and their coach and mentor Mr Conington all the best for the final.

By the way the answer to Alex’s winning question is (root 6 plus root 2)/4!

Martin Flaherty, Head of Mathematics

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