Hindleap Warren Residential

Earlier this term all our Thirds (Year 7s), together with their Tutors and Junior House staff, headed off for a mini residential to Hindleap Warren, an outdoor activity centre in East Sussex.

Excitement was high, especially as last year’s intake had been unable to do this adventure filled trip.  Coming so close to the start of the year, this was the ideal chance for our new pupils to get to know each other, and their teachers, a little better.  Some friendships which had already started to develop were firmly cemented, whilst new friendships were forged. The move to senior school brings with it a greater independence and we hope that this trip encouraged our pupils, some of whom were away without their parents for the first time, to gain in confidence and independence.

It was also a time to make some new memories, such as toasting marshmallows over a fire, to work togehther in tutor group teams on various challenges and also for the chidlren to test themselves – throwing yourself off a platform to catch hold of a trapeze high in the air takes more than a little courage.

It has been remarkable to see this group settle down so quickly to life at Bancroft’s.  They are proving themselves to be an enthusiastic group, full of curiosity and ready to get involved.

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