Inaugural European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

Over the Easter holidays, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Huk spent a week at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, playing a major role in the running of the inaugural European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO).  Despite its European title, it involved 19 teams from Europe and beyond, including Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and the USA, each participating country sending a team consisting of their strongest four female mathematicians of school age. It is hoped that EGMO 2012 will be the first of many European Girls’ Olympiads; EGMO 2013 will be held in Luxembourg.  The aim of this competition is to give more girls an opportunity to perform on an international stage.  Through this competition and the associated talent search and preparation, it is hoped to increase the participation of girls in mathematics competitions and the UK International Maths Olympiad squad.

Mrs Thompson and Mrs Huk have been helping with the planning and organising of this new competition for many months and they said it was very exciting to be involved in such a prestigious and historic event, the first ever international girls’ maths competition in Europe.  The participants sat two exams, each of four-and-a-half hours’ duration, which were balanced with lots of fun and recreational activities such as a Ceilidh, a craft evening, tours and outings.  Apart from the obvious mathematical roles, they also helped with the day-to-day activities.  All the participants took part in a sports tournament and they experienced the delights of punting on the the River Cam!

Through Bancroft’s staff’s involvement with this event, we can safely say that Bancroft’s is now known in many more parts of the world!



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