Junior Bronze Crest Awards 2014

Ten pupils from the current L4 (yr 9) took part in Science Crest (Creativity in Science and Technology) Research and Investigation projects last summer term whilst they were in the Removes (year 8). Each of them carried out a science project of their choice.  All pupils worked extremely hard and demonstrated dedication, spending more than the ten hours required on their projects. They produced outstanding work on projects as diverse as Accident Investigation, Hybrid Animals and Antibiotics. All ten pupils fully deserve their Bronze Crest award certificates.  Well done to Mohammed Munnaan (L4E), Neil Cifelli (L4N), Shaina Sangha (L4W), Sarina Ramasamy (L4W), Charlotte Wyatt (L4S), Soumya Krishna Kumar (L4E), Jamil Haque (L4E), Joseph Bainbridge (L4S), Zain Piracha(L4N) and Mihir Shah (L4N).

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