Our pupils proudly participated in the "Let Girls Play" football session this morning, a nationwide initiative by England Football aimed at boosting female participation in the sport.

Our students were among thousands taking part in what is described as the largest event of its kind, showcasing their football skills and team spirit on a grand stage. This involvement underscores our commitment to promoting inclusivity and equality in sports, offering our students a platform to excel and express their passion for the game.

The event not only highlighted the sporting talents within our student body but also reinforced the importance of physical education in developing key life skills such as teamwork, resilience, and leadership.

Bancroft’s is dedicated to providing diverse opportunities for all our students to engage in sports, believing in the significant role it plays in their holistic development.

We are proud to support initiatives like “Let Girls Play,” aligning with our goals of fostering a positive and inclusive school culture. #LetGirlsPlay

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