LGBT+ History Month

February was LGBT+ history month and was marked for the first time by pupils and staff at Bancroft's.  Members of the recently formed Pride Society took the lead in finding quotations and role models, recommending films or organising discussions.

Ms Entwhistle sent out inspirational and thought provoking statements regularly to staff and pupils and organised a creative competition.  Pride Society was (remotely) visited by Cat, Emily and Tristan, ambassadors from Just Like Us (the charity for LGBT+ young people which seeks to empower them “from the classroom to their careers”) who gave a very honest and personal presentation about what is it is like to be LGBT+.  Tutor time was given over to various assemblies exploring LGBT+  issues and those of “who we are”  (Ms Entwistle and both Mrs Fryer-Greens presented on Section 28 and Mrs Burnside and Mrs Channer on identity).  Members of Craft Club made beautiful flowers in the colours of the Pride flag.  Mrs Fryer-Green encouraged everyone to dress in their brightest colours for her Rainbow Challenge to show their support for the LGBT+ community with many pupils changing their screen backgrounds.

Finally, Olivia in the U6 presented a well researched and at times idiosynractic whistlestop tour of LGBT+ history from the Romans right up to the 21st century to Pride Society.

We encourage you to explore who you are, to discover what inspires you, so that you can share and celebrate that in a community which genuinely values and appreciates you for who you really are.

Mrs Channer, Deputy Head, Pastoral


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