National Open Art

Very well done to two of our talented artists, Elle Lycett (L6N) and Sophia Bisset (L6E).

Both girls had pieces of their GCSE art work entered into the National Open Art (NOA) competition into the category for over 15 years of age, which includes professional artists.  From an initial 560 works, 130 have been selected for a second round of judging. We are currently waiting to hear whether they will be shortlisted for the finals.  This is a great achievement for the girls and a real boost as they start their A Level art studies.

Elle described her painting Sleeping as “A self portrait based on the ideas of Picasso’s Blue Period and Stanley Spenser’s self portrait. I used blue colours to make the painting feel sorrowful.” Sophia said of her work Crying Double, “My other self was crying, I couldn’t comfort her.”



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