Old Bancroftian Illuminates New Aspects of Elizabeth I’s Reign

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable findings of Helena Rutkowska, an alumna of Bancroft's, who, through her pioneering research at the British Library, has unveiled a previously hidden narrative within Elizabethan history.

Using advanced imaging technology, Helena has uncovered concealed secrets within William Camden’s Annals, a crucial historical document. These previously masked passages are reshaping our understanding of Elizabeth I’s reign.  This is a remarkable contribution to early modern historical scholarship.


In her own words, Helena expressed her gratitude for her time at Bancroft’s: “I owe a lot to Bancroft’s. The History and Classics departments inspired my passion for learning, and I’m immensely grateful to my teachers, including Mr. Tatam, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Coyne, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Brennand, Dr. Hunn, and many more.”

Delighted to see his support, Helena also mentioned that Mr. Tatam, who worked at the school for almost four decades before retiring in 2014, attended her conference at the Society of Antiquaries in July 2023.

For those eager to delve deeper into this fascinating discovery, you can find more details here.

Join us in celebrating Helena’s accomplishments, we can’t wait to see what she uncovers next

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