Outward Bound Adventures for Bancroft’s Prep

This year all our Prep 2s (year 6s) went on a new kind of residential adventure. Having already visited a PGL Centre in the Betas, we thought it was time for them to experience something new in the Prep 2s. They went to stay at the Outward Bound Trust's centre located at Aberdovey, surrounded by the magnificent scenery of of Snowdonia National Park. This amazing location was perfectly situated for all kinds of fun and inspiring adventures, which fuelled the imagination of our pupils.

The children were able to take part in a number of physical challenges: gorge walking, rock climbing, scrambling, canoeing, mountain hiking, outdoor cook outs, conservation projects, picking and cooking mussels from the beach. The focus of the week was on improving team work skills and strengthening their sense of independence and their resilience. On a daily basis, the children were pushed outside of their comfort zones and came back with increased confidence.  They learnt loads about the environment they were in and exploration waterfalls, mines, beaches, mountains, forests. A fantastic time was had by all: thank you Outward Bound Trust.

I loved the Outward Bound trip, it was an amazing experience and every moment was incredible.

Nikhill, 2AA

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