Pedal Power at the Prep

Pupils at the Prep School embraced the London Borough of Redbridge’s Winter Wheelers challenge with enthusiasm last week by choosing to come to school either by bike or on a scooter.

This challenge ran from 18 to 22 February, during which time children were encouraged to travel to school by either cycling or scooting to make their journeys smarter, more sustainable and more active

Every day a child cycled or scooted during the challenge they were given a raffle ticket which entered them into a prize draw at the end of the week. The more bike or scooter trips they made meant they received more raffle tickets and so had an increased chance of winning a prize.   Furthermore, the class which had the most children riding to school during the challenge will get a trip to the Lee Valley Velopark at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park!

Some days saw 40 pupils forgoing their usually mode of transport and a total of 222 return journeys were made over the course of the week. Year 4 pupils Michelle, Freddie and Miles were amongst those who joined in; all three of them travelled by bike every day of the week rather than by bus or car.  They all said they found it tiring as their journeys to school were uphill – complaining of aching legs and arms in the middle of the week – but also fun!  Miles, who lives in Loughton said he had the furthest to come but cycling through the forest with his dad was great – no doubt helped by the good weather! All three enjoy cycling with their parents at weekends and Michelle said that the week was good exercise.  They appreciated the environmental benefits involved in the challenge as well.

We’ve helped to stop the ice melting and done something to save the polar bears and penguins.

Miles and Freddie, year 4

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