Pedalling Perseverance: An Inspiring Sixth Form Lecture

On Monday 15th January, the students of Bancroft's Sixth Form were treated to an extraordinary account of human endurance and adventure by Charlie Walker, a British explorer whose cycling exploits have spanned some 43,000 miles.

During the talk titled ‘Through Sand & Snow’, Charlie captivated his young audience with stories from his epic journey that took him through diverse landscapes and cultures.

Charlie’s talk offered a glimpse into the life of a man who has not only tested the limits of physical endurance but also experienced the profound generosity of the human spirit in the many countries he travelled through. His tales of hospitality and opportunity struck a chord with the students, providing real-world insights into the breadth of human kindness and the adventures that lie beyond familiar horizons.

In addition to his book, Charlie Walker’s website,, offers an extensive look at his expeditions, complete with blogs, photographs, and insights into the life of an adventurer.

The lecture was indeed an enriching experience for the students, who left the room with a broader perspective on the world and perhaps the start of planning their own grand adventures.

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