Prep 1 at Young Voices

On Monday 27 January, all of the Prep 1 pupils went to the 02 for a genuine celebration of singing. Young Voices 2014 was a huge success from start to finish.  We joined with 6000 other children and raised the musical roof off the building. From ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, to Taylor Swift, to ‘Mr Blue Sky,’ to ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, to ‘Walking on Sunshine’ and a hip hop medley, there was something for everyone to enjoy, all the singers as well as all of the parents who came to watch.

Pupil Jemima Strong said, “It was one of the best days of my life. The 02 is awesome.” Mr Adam Baum, Musical Director at the Prep, said,  “A lot of work has gone into preparing for this event with hundreds of words to learn, but it was worth it.  The musical experience was deeply enriching, and we will be able to use some of these songs in our day-to-day repertoire. I even got to be lead mic in the Teachers’ Choir so a personal ambition fulfilled …”

This is an event in which we hope to participate again as it emphasises the power and passion of singing in this country.

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