Prep 2s’ Aladdin

Three wishes for any production of Aladdin might be large, enthusiastic audiences, hugely talented children, and a fully functioning smoke machine to provide additional atmosphere to some of the musical’s spookier scenes. The Prep School were granted all of these when they staged their version of the Disney musical over four nights from May 23 to May 26 .

The depth of acting and musical talent in the Prep School meant the show was performed by two equally impressive casts on alternate nights. All sixty-four members of Prep 2 (year 6) were involved, along with the ninety-four children in the Junior Choir (years 3 and 4). Aladdin was produced and directed by the Prep’s Head of English, Laura Phelps, Head of Music, Adam Baum, and Allison Moor specialist Drama Teacher.

All the cast displayed infectious enthusiasm; children and audiences had an equally good time. What a talented and delightful group of children!

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