Prep Nativity: “It takes A Village.”

On Monday 24 January, Christmas returned to Bancroft’s in the form of the Prep 1 nativity! The hall felt magical with Christmas lights adorning the stage and a fantastic band accompanying the songs.

‘It Takes A Village’ is the traditional telling of Mary and Joseph but told all through rhyme and song which 1SE and the Prep 1 choir loved performing. Despite some setbacks, 1SE showed fantastic resilience even with a new Joseph, Gabriel and Innkeepers being drafted in on the morning of the performance! Changes in the cast did not dampen the enthusiasm of the children who celebrated not only the Biblical tale but also the important message of love and kindness through lively songs and drama. 1SE have worked incredibly hard with, at times, unusual props (a pig chasing away mice in the stable!) and some speedy costume changes. Nevertheless, they delivered a fantastic performance and I could not be prouder of them all. It has been a fantastic experience and even Ilyas, who to begin with was not a great lover of drama, said ‘I loved being in the spotlight!.’

A huge thank you to Mr Baum and Miss Ackroyd for all of their incredible hard work to get the year group word perfect and to parents for your support.

Hannah Sylvester, Prep 1 Class Teacher


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