Prep Triumphs in English Chess Federation Semi-Finals

In a splendid display of strategic brilliance and teamwork, Bancroft's Prep School once again proved their mettle in the world of junior chess.

Last Sunday marked a significant milestone for the school as they defended their title in the semi-finals of the English Chess Federation Girls U11 Championship. Competing against 55 schools, Bancroft’s Prep didn’t just participate; they dominated.

The school fielded three exceptional teams and competition was fierce, with only the top six teams qualifying for the final round. Bancroft’s A team, comprising of Olivia, Zoe, and Mary, emerged victorious, clinching the first place with remarkable skill and poise.

Particularly noteworthy is the performance of seven-year-old Mary. Competing against opponents several years her senior, Mary’s prowess on the chessboard was a testament to her extraordinary talent.

The Prep’s commitment to chess is evident in the impressive infrastructure supporting the game at the school. With five chess clubs and over 90 students engaged in the sport under the guidance of professional coaches, Bancroft’s Prep is a nurturing ground for young chess enthusiasts. This environment encourages pupils to explore their potential, develop strategic thinking skills, and foster a sense of community and teamwork.

As the school prepares for the final in April, the Bancroft’s community is buzzing with excitement and pride.

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