Public Examination Results 2020

Following a very strange summer term, we have experienced an even stranger time with this year’s GCSE and A Level results.  

The good news is that the vast majority of our Upper Sixth (year 13) have obtained university places, and we are still working with the few remaining to try and navigate the somewhat chaotic system. Whilst the decision to move to awarding Centre Assessed Grades (or higher if the standardised grade is higher) has been welcome and this has made the process fairer than the algorithm used by Ofqual, it is the case that elements of unfairness remain. We know that it is immensely frustrating for pupils who have not achieved what they desired that their only remaining course of action is to sit the exams this autumn; naturally, we will be supporting pupils who decide to do this.

We thank all staff who have worked so hard to support all pupils in public examinations years, and especially under such difficult conditions, since March. We are delighted for all pupils who have gained places at university and for those who have received grades that match their aspirations, but we commiserate with those who, this year, by virtue of the restrictions of the system we have had to work within, have missed out.

This year the predominant emotions are a mixture of relief for those successful and sympathy for those who have missed out.

Simon Marshall, Head 

Finally, we wish all pupils leaving Bancroft’s the very best for the future: after the challenges they have faced and overcome they will be very well placed to navigate life’s usual uncertainties, as well as whatever new ones might emerge, with great confidence and a broad perspective.

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