Queen of Teen Visits Bancroft’s

Popular author Jean Ure, who has been called the original Queen of Teen, visited the School on Tuesday 15 May to talk to all members of the 3rds (year 7).  She is the writer of over 170 novels and her books are amongst the most popular in the School library amongst year 7 and 8 pupils.  She shared her expertise with the children and entertained them with readings from two of her books Ice Lolly and Star Crazy Me.  They were fascinated by the secrets behind her writing, including the fact that she keeps ideas and titles in  a safe: just in case of a fire!  Afterwards the children were able to ask her questions, and the boys requested that she wrote more books with boys in mind.  She also spent some time signing books for the pupils. Librarian Kate Squire said, “Jean Ure talked about how she gets her ideas from people she meets and interesting situations which she develops into her books.  She is a fantastic story teller who manages to strike a chord with young readers; she really understands how they think.  The pupils were very excited about meeting her.”



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