shedkm Architects & Bancroft’s: Launching a Creative Student Challenge

Bancroft's School Art Department were delighted to invite the directors from shedkm, an international architectural firm, to address students on Monday 4 March.

shedkm, led by directors Cesc Cantarell and Alex Flint, champions socially responsive design, emphasising vibrant neighbourhoods and sustainable placemaking. They showcased their innovative methods, including repurposing old buildings to meet modern sustainability needs.

Alex and Cesc have extended an exciting opportunity to Bancroft’s students by launching a collaborative competition. Open to students aged 16 and above, the competition offers a coveted week’s work experience at shedkm’s London office, with Alex and Cesc serving as judges. Additionally, younger students will have a chance to participate, with a separate prize awaiting them. Further details will be emailed to all pupils and tutors, generating anticipation for the creativity and innovation this competition will inspire.

Since shedkm delivered their lecture, there has been a notable surge in student interest in studying architecture. The Art Department saw a remarkable turnout of 90 students across all years, demonstrating the impact of shedkm’s presentation. It was a delightful opportunity to showcase one of the many successful paths art can lead towards a fulfilling career.

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