Spanish DELE Success

Nine 5th form and two L6 students have recently achieved the DELE Escolar A2 or B1 certificate following their November 2023 exams. Building on the success of our first cohort last academic year, we are thrilled to see continued progress in this wonderful initiative.

The DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera – Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the only internationally accredited official certificate, administered by the Instituto Cervantes and recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Our students worked diligently in preparation for these challenging exams, participating in weekly DELE sessions. These sessions go beyond merely having a good knowledge of Spanish; they provide a deep understanding of the different exam papers, ensuring thorough preparation.

Jonathan (5Nb) reflects on his experience:

“The DELE exam was a challenging yet rewarding experience. Personally, I learnt many valuable skills other than just improving in the specific language of Spanish. Practising for the exam, often by doing past papers, was a rigorous experience which tested my patience and resilience but, in the end, ultimately paid off and has undoubtedly improved my chances in the upcoming GCSE.”

Achieving the DELE certificate comes with numerous benefits. Spanish is the second most widely spoken native language globally after Mandarin Chinese, with almost 500 million native speakers. Holding the DELE means possessing an internationally recognised qualification with significant value acknowledged by universities and organisations worldwide. It provides a clear advantage in the competitive job market and some Spanish-speaking countries even require the DELE for obtaining visas or residency.

Beyond these practical advantages, preparing for the DELE offers much more. Students develop cultural agility and are well equipped to be able to better enjoy and understand Hispanic literature, cinema, music, and traditions. We believe this not only enhances their language skills but also makes them better independent learners and more resilient individuals.

The Spanish Department extends heartfelt congratulations to all these students; we are very proud of their success. We are already working with our group of enthusiastic U4 pupils for their DELE next November, always fostering a passion for Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

¡Enhorabuena a todos!  

Mr Iñigo Urreaga Gorostidi, Head of Spanish

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