Sports Relief at the Prep

The Prep children excelled themselves in their efforts for Sport Relief 2018 raising an amazing £5,000 for the various good causes its supports helping people live happier, healthier, safer lives.  The national campaign has, so far raised over £38 million.

Events began with a “Wild and Wacky” obstacle course, which was the the first event of a week long programme of sporting activities. Over the course of the following days, each year group took on their own challenge and then, on Wednesday, the whole school put on a splash of red and ran the Sport Relief mile.  During the week they collectively joined together and completed the following sporting challenges:

  • They swam for 12 miles
  • They cross-trained for 9 miles
  • They rowed for 7 miles
  • They cycled for 23 miles
  • They scored 730 goals
  • They danced for 1082 minutes
  • They scored 1091 badminton points
  • They completed 184 laps of our demanding obstacle course, including 184 commando crawls, 184 netball goals, 920 football and hockey dribbles, 3680 balance beam metres covered,
  • And, last but not least, they ran for 198 miles!

I’m so proud of the children here. We had such fun taking part in the sponsored events and it’s great to know we are helping to change lives with the money we raised.

Joe Layburn, Head of Prep

Mr Hall was the dedicated driving force behind the Prep School’s fundraising who took on this huge logistical challenge and made it an enormous success! A big thank you to the children, and, of course, their parents and many thanks indeed to Mr Hall for making the week so exciting and inspirational for the children.


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