Streamlined Studies at Loughton Brook

After studying rivers during this half term, we took a trip to the Loughton Brook river that runs through Epping forest to collect data for our fieldwork.

Once we had arrived, we took notes of some key terms and created a small hypothesis of what we thought would happen as we went from the upper course of the river to the lower course.

Before we went to the river, we assessed the various hazards and dangers that could occur and how to prevent them.

After we then travelled downstream from the upper to the middle and then the lower course of the river – where we measured the velocity of the water flow, the depth and width of the river and the bedload shape and size.

We used various different equipment like a cork and meter ruler to measure it. We noticed that all of these factors increased as we went from the upper course to the lower course. We made our way back to the centre and then went back to school now having a better understanding of river characteristics.

This was a very important day as this makes up a key component of our Geography Paper 3.

Anjani (U4th)

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