Superb Salamanca!

During the February half-term of 2024, 23 Removes students and three teachers embarked on an enriching journey to Salamanca, Spain, for a language and cultural trip.

This trip was a vibrant and immersive experience, offering pupils the chance to delve deep into Spanish language and culture. Mornings were dedicated to language lessons set against the stunning backdrop of the Universidad Pontificia building. Additionally, students practised their linguistic skills with their host families and tried authentic Spanish cuisine during mealtimes.

Eashan (RSb) reflects on the experience:

“The Plaza Mayor was amazing. To start, in its majestic beauty, stood the endless tower captivated by the radiant lanterns. Its central point was our meeting point. The four flags flew simultaneously, reminiscent of the small chuckles, assortments of information that varied each day and the choosing of groups. The saturated Burger King, the ice cream shop (the old man as stationary as a gargoyle in a medieval castle), the bocadillo café with the traditional, streaky ham hanging onto the sliced bread.

The host families were very welcoming and taught us about Spanish customs, traditions, food and culture. We also equally enjoyed our lessons in the language school with our teachers, who tried to make the lessons as fun as possible while educating us. To add, another pleasantry of the trip was the Art Deco Museum that was full of creepy dolls of varied cultures, and everyone was happy that they were kept under surrender by the glass. In addition to the other tours, we gazed at the University of Salamanca with a sudden search for a frog, kept miniscule in comparison to the large pillars and saints.

On the last day, we went to Segovia with a large aqueduct stretched across the main plaza; but the plaza was enveloped in boutique cafes, tourist shops and the tour guides. In addition, the most amusing part of the trip was the devil (who stood slanted against the cliff-fence). We also visited the Jewish quarter and the Alcázar, the Spanish castle that inspired Walt Disney!”.

Both students and teachers alike relished leisurely strolls along the cobbled streets and through the historic Plaza Mayor, a gem from the 18th century and widely regarded as one of Europe’s most breath-taking monumental squares. Our itinerary also included visits to the magnificent cathedrals and the charming old town, where pupils absorbed fascinating facts such as Salamanca’s distinction as home to the oldest university in Europe. Legends also captivated their imagination, like the tale of locating a hidden frog within the intricate stonework adorning the old university façade, rumoured to bring luck in passing exams.

Our trip was further enriched with a salsa lesson led by a professional dancer, a visit to the Art Deco Museum, and indulging in the quintessential Spanish delight of chocolate con churros in the bustling main square. Students seized the chance to hone their language skills, whether it was by ordering tapas at the university cafeteria during their morning break, exploring souvenir shops and patisseries, or sampling regional delicacies.

The pupils fully embraced Spanish culture and served as exemplary ambassadors for the school throughout our stay. We eagerly anticipate returning to Salamanca with the Removes next year, fostering cultural and linguistic appreciation among our students.

Mr Iñigo Urreaga Gorostidi, Head of Spanish

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