Spectacular Science Fair

Last week, Bancroft's opened its doors for the much-anticipated annual Science Fair, marking another year of scientific exploration and discovery for our wider community.

The event was characterised by interactive sessions, from rocket blasting to slime making, where both students and visiting children got to indulge their inner scientists.

Our Chemistry show was a highlight for many, providing rare exposure to thrilling experiments for younger students. “Best session of the day,” remarked one attendee. Sixth Formers and teachers received praise for their instrumental roles in guiding visitors through a variety of engaging activities, proving that science at Bancroft’s is a collaborative and inclusive adventure.

The fair’s array of activities—microscope investigations, rocket launches, and chemical reactions—garnered positive feedback for their educational and entertainment value.

We extend our gratitude to all visiting schools and dedicated individuals who helped orchestrate this educational showcase.Your participation and support were crucial in creating a memorable day of science for all.


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