Thirds at Tate & Globe

On Wednesday 15 June, the whole of the Thirds had a lovely, cultural day out at the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern. Our experience was greatly improved by the fact that it was, for once, a warm summer day, which certainly brightened the mood in the open-roofed theatre.

We began with a brief history of the Globe, where we learnt about how the site on the river is not the original site, as the previous building had burnt down. Fortunately, we were able to watch some of the actors for ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ warming up, this was the play we focussed on duringour workshop. During this, we played some fun drama games and heard about how theatre in Shakespeare’s time was a sexist place as women were not allowed to act.

From here, we headed over to the Tate Modern for a treasure hunt, which encouraged us to look at some of the country’s weirdest art. Some of the stranger things we saw included 3D paintings, a leaning tower of stereos, and a sculpture of a urinal! Needless to say, this trip was a real eye-opener and a fantastic way to spend a sunny London day.

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