U6 Hispanists Visit Cervantes Theatre

A-Level linguists recently had the pleasure of attending the Cervantes Theatre to watch "La Casa de Bernarda Alba."

The production explores themes of repression, passion and conformity through the depiction of a matriarch´s domination of her five daughters. Described by the author as “a drama of women in the villages of Spain”, the deliberate exclusion of any male character from the action helps build the high level of sexual tension that is present throughout this masterpiece. García Lorca was one of the greatest Spanish writers of the 20th century, killed by nationalist troops at the age of thirty-eight at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War and two months after completing The House of Bernarda Alba.

Below Dylan (U6E) reflects on the trip:

“On Friday the 2nd of February the Upper Sixth Spanish class travelled to the Cervantes Theatre in Southwark to watch a production of ‘La Casa de Bernarda Alba’ by Federico García Lorca. It was a very interesting experience to watch the play fully delivered in Spanish and seeing the characters and themes we have been learning about in class brought to life. This will give us invaluable help for our A-Level work analysing the play. Many thanks to Mr Urreaga and Carolina for organising the trip and accompanying us to the theatre.”

The trip allowed the pupils to see the text we have been studying come to life in an incredibly immersive atmosphere that the Cervantes Theatre creates.

Mr Iñigo Urreaga Gorostidi, Head of Spanish

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