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Digital Devices

Digital devices are an integral part of the world that our children grow up in. It is important that technology becomes an aid to learning rather than a distraction.  We believe that digital literacy, along with confidence and competence in technology, needs to be nurtured.

All pupils joining the Thirds will be supplied with an iPad. This will help us to control the online safety of all pupils whilst enhancing their educational provision.

The supply of these devices will come from a third party provider, who will also provide insurance. There are a variety of payment options available which will include in-school support for breakage, but not loss. At the end of the Lower Fourth, the pupil will own the device outright.

Further details and how to order

Mobile Phones

We accept that pupils may need a mobile phone for use on their journey to and from school, however, mobile phones are not to be used during the school day and will need to be kept in their locker.

We strongly recommend that you monitor and limit your child’s use of their devices, especially their use of social media.


When pupils join us in September, they will be allocated their personal log-in for the school IT system. They will be required to sign our E-Charter to confirm that they understand the importance of the safe and responsible use of electronic communication. Please read the Acceptable Use Policy here:

E-Citizen Charter

Online Safety Policy

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